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We look at the condition that America finds itself today and wonder what happened.

Morally, economically, socially we are in total chaos. Political leaders blame the other party. Everyone blames the Christians, a lot of finger pointing but no resolutions. There are no answers because we as a people, a church a nation have denied the one who holds the solution to our state of decay, and we will continue to decline into this moral and social abyss until we are totally self-destructed unless we are willing to turn to the true answer.

This is more than just my opinion—this is from the one who states the truth and is the truth.  These words are from the one who told us this would happen...

Sunday School

9:30 am - Sunday School opening
9:45 am - Adult Sunday School Class
9:45 am - Children Sunday School Class

PRAYER--Our heavenly Father--

We come humbly into your holy presence seeking your forgiveness and your mercy. We have sinned and fallen short of your glory, we have disappointed you and disgraced the name of your church. Because of our sin we face darkness and eternal dangers as we have never experienced before and we need your help. We are dependent upon you and your power to over come the evil that we have permitted and sometimes invited into our lives. We face a powerful and relentless enemy in Satan and we have no power of our own to overcome and we do not know what to do and our eyes are upon you.

We pray that you will hear our cries from your throne in heaven and find it in your heart to heal our land!


Worship Service 10:30am
First Sunday Pitch-In dinner following service